Self-governed organisations

Self-governed organisations are able to self-adapt to their environment. This sounds reasonable for collaborative organisations…

In his book, Reinventing organizations – A guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness, Nelson Parke 2014, Frédéric Laloux describes self-governed organisations, able to self-adapt to their environment. Organisations able to evolve.

This sounds reasonable for collaborative organisations. The absence of hierarchy, the fact that they are driven by their project and not by profit, advocates for them being properly adapted for collaborative approaches. Furthermore, the participation of customers and suppliers in some of these consciousness-driven organisations is part of a wider collaboration.

Consequently, this shows that in collaborative organisations, project should be first, and structure should be last. The only important process is “advice process”, where anyone is allowed to take a decision, as far as he or she has taken advice from the one who are concerned by this decision. There is no real marketing, no control, no strategic process. Everything is project and consciousness driven.

This kind of organisation is based on teams, usually self-governed. This seems to make the organisations able to adapt fast, and very resistant to crisis.

However, it is not yet clear to me whether this is in anyway related to a “commons” approach, whether commons and self-governed organisations are two separate concepts, or whether it is possible to link them in a new approach…

Author: Olivier Lebel

Olivier Lebel's main interest is about collaborative approaches and humanitarian. OL is a specialist of non profit organisations, having spent 15 years serving them, for the French Red Cross (as deputy ED and ED), for the Catholic Church (as USG for the French Bishops Conference), and for Doctors of the World (as ED). He has also spent 15 years as manager in various private corporations, in building and security, water supply, or medical imaging. Olivier Lebel holds an MBA from INSEAD, and is engineer of Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Télécommunications.

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