Proximus project: hiring collaborative volunteers

Proximus project or how new collaborative approaches are changing social and humanitarian action.

The project definitely relies on collaborative methods, each member giving the time available (from some minutes to some hours per week). This has to be grass rooted, not academic. The project is collectively owned and driven.

Since it is a research project, in a rather unknown field, the roadmap is not clearly defined, and has to be found out collectively. The first phase, however, seems to start with the identification of existing collaborative projects in the social and humanitarian field. It may then try to find out the constraints and the success factor of such projects, including a possible typology of the commons shared by such projects. It may then try to see how to support such projects, and to share this knowledge, creating an open knowledge common.

To be successful, proximus project has to unit a large base of volunteers, preferably from all over the world, preferably having some experience on the field (others are also welcome to ensure cross fertilisation).

If interested, please send an email at (and don’t forget to subscribe – see on the right column or below on mobiles and tablets).

Author: Olivier Lebel

Olivier Lebel's main interest is about collaborative approaches and humanitarian. OL is a specialist of non profit organisations, having spent 15 years serving them, for the French Red Cross (as deputy ED and ED), for the Catholic Church (as USG for the French Bishops Conference), and for Doctors of the World (as ED). He has also spent 15 years as manager in various private corporations, in building and security, water supply, or medical imaging. Olivier Lebel holds an MBA from INSEAD, and is engineer of Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Télécommunications.

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